About us

“Putting thinkers, dreamers and doers together to make a difference”.

PIDRAYA is a visionary social enterprise promoting sustainable development . PIDRAYA believes in divergent thinking and society's advancement through arts, cultural events and active cross-sector partnership between public, private, nonprofit, for-profit, civic and government sectors.


  • Engaging the heart and mind
  • Staying in tune with global knowledge
  • Adapting to our projects requirements
  • Using Creative Platform for change

PIDRAYA is the Phoenician Goddess of Light.

ABOUT THE FOUNDER: (Linkedin profile )


Leaving the world SLIGHTLY better - Patricia Cherfan
  • How we work
  • Strategy

Engage the heart and mind, adapt to our project's requirements, stay in tune with global knowledge and use creative platform for change.

Enhancing what is to be human through private initiatives or public goods focusing on the quality of life.


PIDRAYA-CSE Sustainability Training

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